Products of Additive Masterbatch

  • Antioxidant

    Oxidation and heat aging are the major causes of plastics degradation and discoloration. Exposure to heat and oxygen causes a chain reaction involving the formation of free adicals, which inevitably leads to cleavage of the main chains in the polymer and degradation of the plastic. We offer all types of antioxidant MB including primary, secondary and primary/secondary combo, so that you have ease of choosing right solution for your product.

  • Slip

    Our slip lubricants improve the flow characteristics of plastics during processing. They also reduce the frictional resistance of product surfaces, enhancing both appearance and function.

  • Process Aid

    Our range of process aid masterbatches provides customers with the opportunity to improve the properties, performance and quality of their products whilst optimising manufacturing productivity and reducing costs.

  • Antiblock

    Eco batch antiblock additives modify the surface characteristics by creating a slight roughness or smoother surface, thus reducing the coefficient of friction. This prevents self-adhesion of plastic films or sheet, making it easier to handle.

  • Antistat

    The chemical structure of plastics makes them particularly susceptible to the build-up of electrical charges, which attracts dust and accumulates static electricity.  It is also critical to protect sensitive electronic packaging and to reduce the resultant fire hazard in production environments.

  • Flame Retardant

    Since almost all plastics are based on hydrocarbons, they are combustible.   Our range of flame retardant masterbatches helps protect people and property by delaying the spread of the fire and toxic by products and, in some cases, preventing ignition entirely.

  • Nucleant

    Our nucleant masterbatches are mainly used to clarify or enhance the physical properties of PP resin. They influence the degree of crystalinity of polymers and increase hardness, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity and yield point, while also reducing cycle times.

  • UV Stabiliser

    Just as protected human skin suffers from sunburn from excessive ultraviolet radiation, plastics are also damaged by exposure to light. Our range of uv stabilisers provides outstanding protection against the degrading effect of sunlight, heat and oxygen on the mechanical, optical and physical performance of plastics parts.