Color Masterbatch

Ecobatch offers a wide range of coloured Masterbatches for all thermoplastic polymers and for all transformation technologies, in compliance with the main international standards for contact with foodstuffs and international standards.

White Masterbatch

Our white master batch standard range is based on Rutile type of titanium dioxide pigments (Tio2) and is designed to provide high-temperature stability, excellent dispersion, especially for thin film and sheet extrusion types and low screen-blocking performance even at high addition levels.

Additive Masterbatch

Ecobatch offers specialized masterbatches for improving production procedure and properties of the end product These masterbatches are modern formulations which maximize additive usage, providing plastics processors optimal functionality at minimum cost of usage.
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Black Masterbatch

Our Black Masterbatch range have intelligent combinations of carrier resin, pigment with / without fillers that will actually provide ease to the manufacturer to choose the right Masterbatch as per the processing technique (injection moulding, compounding, extrusion, blow moulding and / or recycling)

Filler Masterbatch

Ecobatch is also involved in manufacturing of filler masterbatches to loading up to 80%. Our special formulated filler masterbatches filled with ultrafine calcium or talc not only cuts down plastic production costs by replacing a part of virgin polymer during extrusion.

Special Effect Masterbatch

Special Effect Masterbatch are widely used in variety of consumer applications products to achieve different visual effects such as marble, metallic, glitter, fluorescence, granite. Glow in dark etc. Ecobatch has developed such formulations that can be used in variety of plastic.


Ecopolymer is the exclusive distributor and Ecobatch will be manufacturing of Oxo-biodegradable Masterbatches by Mid 2017 under the brand name "d2w" manufactured by Symphony, U.K.


Oxobiodegradable Masterbatch:

Ecobatch have come forward with a solution of Oxo Biodegradable Master Batch manufactured by Symphony environmental, U. K. for plastics which makes the plastic degradable after a short period of time. This programmable, non-toxic oxo-biodegradable MB technology contains no heavy metals and is utilized at a very minimal inclusion rate. This results in no change to the manufacturing process or performance of the finished product which has equivalent or better performance and characteristics as its conventional counterparts.

d2w is the brand for controlled-life plastic technology which is designed to control and shorten the life of normal plastic products and packaging. d2w is a carefully researched and tested additive formulation which is added to normal plastic at the extrusion or casting stage of manufacture. Symphony's d2w formulation is so effective that it needs normally to be included at only 1%, resulting in considerable savings in cost, transport, and storage.

  • A no-change added-value solution
  • No need to change designs or suppliers – just add d2w!
  • d2w converts ordinary plastic at the end of its useful life into a material with a completely different molecular structure. At that stage it is no longer a plastic but has become a material which can be bio-assimilated in the environment in the same way as a leaf.
  • Heat, light and stress accelerate the process
  • d2w plastics are not currently marketed as compostable, nor are they intended to degrade under anaerobic conditions in landfill.
  • They can be recycled with other oil-based plastics – unlike "compostable" plastics, which will ruin a normal plastic recycling process.
  • d2w – an intelligent solution